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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taking Care of Mom This Mother’s Day

May is a time when we think of our mothers’ and our children if we are mothers, as we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Mother’s are special, they spend so much of their time and energy taking care of others.  One of the greatest gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day is the information and support to get screened for breast cancer.

Consider these statistics:

  • 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer by the time they are 90 years old.  
  • Nearly 8 out of 10 breast cancers occur in women over the age of 50. 
  • A 70 year old is almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer as a women of 50, according to American Cancer Society.

So we should have our yearly mammograms no matter how old we are, unless we are medically unable to do this test.  If you are 40 years old or older make sure you are caught up on your latest mammogram screening or if you have never had one call and schedule one at your nearest PinnacleHealth Imaging center.

Help your family and friends too! Ask them if they have had theirs recently and if not encourage them to get it done.

Screening is so important that you don’t need an order from you doctor unless you are having a problem and need and a diagnostic mammograms.  And screening saves lives, which is why the cost of a mammogram almost always covered by insurance.  Understanding that not everyone has insurance, PinnacleHealth has a great program called the Mammogram Voucher Program (MVP).  The MVP program raises funds through events like the Mammorgram Tea and uses the funds to pay for mammograms for women who need them and cannot afford them.

This Mother’s Day support the women in your life, and take care of yourself, by making mammograms a priority.  Turn this serious topic into a positive and fun afternoon by attending our Mammogram Tea, Wednesday May 28th at the West Shore Country Club A formal afternoon event that is fashionable and fun!  Proceeds from this event benefit the PinnacleHealth Mammogram Voucher Program (MVP) providing potentially lifesaving care to uninsured women.. Register today!

Need help finding an imaging center to get a mammogram? Learn more about the most convenient center for you.

PHantastic Female- May 2014 - Hope Lattimore

Certified Mastectomy Fitter for the American Board for Certification (ABC) in Orthotics, Prosthestics, & Pedorthics, Inc.

American Cancer Society, Licensed Area Trainer for the South Central Area to train other license Cosmetologist faciliate "Look Good Feel Better" Program

Losing a breast is like losing part of your feminine identity, the same as when you lose your hair. I knew I couldn't change the world as far as Cancer was concerned but I knew I could help with wig and mastectomy fittings. All of my clients have a different story and that even makes it more special.  Its rewarding when I see a women come into my shop feeling like there's no hope and see them leaving with smiles and confidence. I love what I do, its like the dream job, I never dreamed would happen. For the first time in my adult career, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the work that I am doing and feel blessed to be a part of the lives of women who once again can flaunt their inner and outer beauty as warriors against Cancer!

I'm a single mother of an 11 year old son.  I spend alot of time cheering him on with basketball and soccer year round. My mom is my motivating force. I asked her when I was young, “Why did you name me Hope?” Her reply “Hope for the future and to change lives”. That is why she is my biggest supporter. My sister and brother have showed me how to ride the road to success.

I enjoy Reading, Traveling, Exercising, Shopping and spending time with my family. I am an avid bargain shopper.  I love finding an awesome deal even though many things I give away.

Being busy: 
I'm stressed if I feel unorganized.  I keep many list and calendars for my personal and professional life and rely on them to be accurate.  My planner is my other Bible. I find balance in my quiet time and reading spiritual books.  I do alot of brainstorming at night when most things around me are quiet.

How I find “me time”: 
Although, it is very hard to get, you have to have "me" time, to get yourself centered.  Enlist persons close to you that can remind you to take a time out.

Do you know a PHantastic female? We want to talk to her! Send us information about a PHantastic  female, (self nominations are good too!) and we might spotlight that person next month!

Tea time is me time!

What’s good for your heart, your skin, your mind and your soul?  Afternoon tea with PinnacleHealth! Often considered a leisurely practice, tea time provides a great opportunity to not only take a well-deserved break but to enjoy the health benefits of tea as well.  Read on to learn more about the history and the benefits of tea drinking and how you can help others by planning a little tea time me time with PinnacleHealth!

History of Tea
Tea dates back to early China and was used for generations for its medicinal properties. Tea is often associated with Chinese monks as well because they used the brewed drink to keep them awake so they could meditate.  Early on a tea shortage led to only royal having access to tea leaves but soon enough more tea was discovered and all citizens began to enjoy the taste and benefits of tea.
In the 17th century tea made its way to England where it generated a reputation of being a ritual of relaxation for the aristocratic class. Afternoon tea, or low tea, began with Britain’s Anna, Duchess of Bedford.  Anna found the time between lunch and dinner to be too much to bear, so she began having light refreshments in the afternoon. She invited friends to join her and it quickly turned into a social event and a time to relax.  
Tea drinkers for thousands of years can’t be wrong, and science has proven they are not.  Tea offers some great health benefits as well as an opportunity for a break.

Green tea
Green tea especially has been shown to offer benefits including decreasing the risk of heart disease and lowering your cholesterol.  Green tea also can help with weight loss as it helps to increase metabolism.  Warding off cancer can also be credited to green tea thanks to the antioxidants in the EGCG.  Diabetics have also seen positive impacts on their blood sugars when taking up the habit of tea drinking.  Studies have shown that green tea can also decrease your risk of breast, lung, colorectal and prostate cancer. 

Ginger Tea
Ginger has anti-nausea properties and helps soothe and upset stomach.

Peppermint Tea
Studies have shown that simply smelling mint can stimulate the brain and provide a boost of wakefulness

Black Tea
Studies have shown that people who include black tea in their diets had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and were more relaxed and able to complete difficult tasks. Research shows it may also help prevent clogged arteries, improve blood vessel functioning, and lower blood pressure which all help with cardiovascular health.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile has a calming effect and is often recommended as a nightcap for those seeking restful sleep.  Because of its sedative effects, it is also great for people who experience anxiety.

Regardless of the type of tea you drink, just taking the time to relax for a few moments will provide you with min refreshing and stress reducing effects that will make you feel better.

Want to try out the relaxing effects of tea time? JoinPinnacleHealth on May 28th for our MVP Tea for Mammograms at the West Shore Country Club.

 All proceeds go to the Mammogram Voucher Program (MVP) that pays for mammograms for women who cannot afford them.  By offering this screening, women have had their lives saved because they found a cancer in an early stage when it was most treatable.