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Monday, April 7, 2014

PHantastic Female - April 2014 - Deborah J. Herchelroath, D.O., FACOOG

OB/GYN with Woodward and Associates in Hummelstown

Husband, Dr. Bryan Herchelroath, Pinnaclehealth CardioVascular Insitute, and two daughters ages 5 and 8

I love to spend time with my precious girls and my very busy husband, shop, read, sleep, spend time with my friends and my family. Baltimore doesn’t seem so far any more when compared to Iowa.  I love my Pilates instructor because she saved my back.  I run (like jog). My kids would tell you that I love to relax.  Its true. I love to bake but find myself eating all the good stuff, so I have cut back on that one.

Being busy: 
I think most people know that Ob/Gyn is exhausting and stressful, but also rewarding.    So by the time I moved to Harrisburg, I knew what I was capable of, and I knew what I needed to do to be balanced in life and career.  And I was lucky enough to join a practice that respects that.  
It was very scary for me coming out of Residency and holding women’s lives in my hands.  I didn’t know how much that would affect me.  I don’t think many young college students who decide to go to medical school understand this responsibility.  I worked crazy hours and really did a TON of deliveries.  I almost burned out. 

How I find “me time”: 
Lots of young medical students ask me about balance as a woman OB/Gyn.  It is hard.  But if you are fortunate enough to be able to do it your way, then I tell them to do it.  I now work part-time.  But don’t kid yourself, part-time for an OB is still 40-60+ hours a week (depending on call).  But when I am off, I try very hard to protect that time.  
Everyone is different.  And every woman’s situation is different.  But for me, finding time for myself is essential.  I think every busy woman needs an organized calendar, a great support system (whether that be a friend, relative, or confidant), a reasonable significant other, a lot of luck, a family doctor, a dermatologist, and, of course, an excellent OB/Gyn.

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