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Thursday, August 7, 2014

8 reasons gynecological surgery isn’t as bad as you think

  1. Options - At PinnacleHealth, women have more options for treating common gynecological concerns.  Advanced technology offers options of different procedures and with three hospitals, there is always a location convenient for you and your family!
  2. Recovery time - Many women remember the long recovery time that accompanied a surgery such as a hysterectomy. With the advanced laparoscopic  and robotic-assisted techniques, women are back on their feet much more quickly, usually within 1-2 weeks!
  3. Pain - Minimally invasive surgery refers to a surgery where there are smaller or fewer incisions than were previously used.  Smaller and fewer incisions mean less pain for the patient which helps to speed recovery!
  4. Experience - The providers at the Pennsylvania Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery at PinnacleHealth have decades of experience with your surgery. They know exactly the best way to provide you the care you need with the comfort you need. 
  5. Expertise - The surgeons at PinnacleHealth not only have experience, but they have the expertise gained from constantly continuing their educations.  Frequent conferences, and training events keep our physicians up to date on the best ways to treat common gyn conditions.
  6. Technology - We've come a long way baby!  Thankfully most people have little experience with surgeries.  But that also leaves most people with an outdated sense of how surgery today works.  The advanced technology now available allows for patients to receive smaller incisions ( and sometimes no incision!) and have shorter procedures resulting in less complications.  
  7. Comfort - Even with a short hospital stay, you want to be comfortable.  Patient feedback on all our locations, Community General, Harrisburg Hospital and the new West Shore Hospital, indicates that patients are comfortable at PinnacleHealth and enjoy the amenities available including private rooms, flat screen TVs, and Expressly for you dining plan, patient feel at home until they are able to return home.
  8. Support -The great team at your OBGYN office works collaboratively with our staff to ensure your questions are answered and needs are met.  This includes financial counselors, nursing staff and discharge planners. 

What to expect when you need gynecological surgery
Yearly gyn exams are important to catch problems early.  So many women either assume they have no problems or are afraid of finding one.  So what happens when there is a problem?

There is actually good news if your exam shows a problem—that good news is that you know.  Knowledge is power.  Once you know of a problem, you and your team of providers can then develop a plan to treat the problem and get you back to good health.  A diagnosis of fibroids, endometriosis or cancer can be scary, but women and their families can take comfort in knowing that these are conditions that the physicians at PinnacleHealth have experience dealing with and can provide treatments for.

What options do I have?
Often surgery is the best option for the treatment of many gynecological conditions.  Your physician will review your surgical options, and together you can decide the best choice for you.  You should ask your physician about his or her experience with the procedure, what hospital they recommend  and any other questions you may have.

Consider what hospital you will have surgery in. Do some research and look for the type of technology they have (do they have robotic and minimally invasive options?), look at their infection rates and look for any other quality indicators such as Center of Excellence accreditation.

You always have choices. With your physician’s guidance, your questions answered and a feeling of comfort with the hospital, you are ready for surgery. Rest assured you are in good hands and are on the road back to being a healthier and happier woman!

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