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Thursday, June 5, 2014

8 Summer Must Haves To Look and Feel Your Best

  1. Sunscreen!  Reduce your cancer (and wrinkle!) risk—sunscreen always, and frequently!
  2. Bug spray-Not just for deep woods adventures, insect repellent can prevent tick and mosquito bites.
  3. Water-Dehydration can you make you tired and can be dangerous.  Drink water throughout the day and up your water intake if you are enjoying adult beverages.
  4. Sleep-More daylight often means less sleep.  Catch up on sleep when you can, poolside, on a rainy day or by working in an afternoon nap.
  5. Sneakers-Everyone loves cheap flip flops, but they do a sneaker number on your feet.  Wear sneakers when doing a lot of walking to save your feet and joints from wear and tear.
  6. Healthy recipe-Great for picnics or getting back on track after too much ice cream-fish tacos are a nice cool option for summer! View Recipe.
  7. Primary care physician- from antibiotics for a tick bite, to looking at a suspicious mole, keep your physician’s number handy this summer.
  8. Directions to nearest ER-Sometimes you need more than a band-aid. PinnacleHealth has three emergency departments: Community General Osteopathic Hospital, Harrisburg Hospital, and West Shore Hospital.

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