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Monday, July 7, 2014

8 Ways to Overcome Embarrassment

Many women are embarrassed to talk to their healthcare providers about their symptoms. This embarrassment though is keeping them from being healthy.  Here are 8 ways to get over your embarrassment and get the support you need and deserve!
  1. Stop and think! Did you even do something to be embarrassed about? Many symptoms are not under your control and therefore you needn't feel embarrassed about them.  
  2. Think positive!  Embarrassment is a negative thought. If you continue to repeat it you will continue to feel bad both physically and emotionally.  Instead, look on the bright side.  Consider what you are embarrassed about and focus on the positive, i.e. it could have been worse, only your ego not your physical body was bruised etc. 
  3. Talk about it! Embarrassment is a very isolating feeling.  Often if you share your feelings with a trusted friend (or physician!) you will find you have no need to be embarrassed. 
  4. Trust yourself.  This is likely not the first time you've felt embarrassed.  You've always recovered before; trust that you can face the embarrassing situation and still come out on top!
  5. This too shall pass! Embarrassment is temporary so don’t let it get in the way of your long-term well-being.
  6.  Relax! Easier said than done, but you have to realize that you might be taking yourself or the situation too seriously.  You are human, have flaws and make mistakes and that’s ok!
  7. Face your fears.  Embarrassment is based on fear of what other people think.  You should not be afraid to talk to you physician. Acknowledge that feeling, step past it and trust that your physician is not looking to judge you, only to help you. 
  8. Look for the laugh.  Is there anything humorous about your situation that could help you look at it in a more relaxed manner?  Taking a step back to laugh at the situation can be helpful!
Being brave enough to talk about embarrassing conditions will make you feel better both mentally and physically!

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